Utopia Resort

Koh Samui - Lamai Beach


Climbing up 150 metres along a 1.3 km road you can find argvably the best view on Koh Samui- Overlooking the tranquil muslim Fishing village 'Hua Thanon' you can view traditional Thai fishing boats navigating small islands and sandbanks. While in the foreground you can see palmtrees accompanied by the sweet songs tropical birds and wildlife. How do you get there? Easy! Drive towards Wat "Sila Ngu" (just outside Lamai) on the opposite side you can see signposts. The first 500 metres is pretty flat this is followed by a steeper section (experienced motorcyclist or 4-wheel-jeeps should have no problem) also reachable on foot, a short walk of 10 - 15 minutes. On arrival you can rest at 'Paradise view point' restaurant. You will be greeted by the friendly staff who offer very reasonable price ice cool drinks. Stay longer and sample the the excellent Thai or European food. If the trip has wet your appetite there is a chance to go on guided tours leading up to 500 m high peaks.